please spay and neuter your pets

STORM- (known at the shelter as FERGI)

Found herself dumped at the very scary Devore Shelter in San Bernardino, CA. She was full of ticks and had obvious signs of being used as a bait dog. She was sentenced to be euthanized because she was scared and had been at the shelter past her allotted time. BARK-9 saw her pleading picture on a facebook post and committed to rescuing her. She arrived to the rescue scared and completely unsure. She would find a place to hide and sit and shake in fear. We let her watch the activities of our other dogs and she realized she was never going to be harmed again. STORM learned how to walk on a leash beautifully. She learned how to heal, sit and even chase a ball like a pro! STORM was with our rescue for 18 months until the perfect family came for her. She lives with two cats, another dog and has a mommy and daddy that adore her!! Happy life to you sweet STORM!