please spay and neuter your pets

RUGER-  formerly known as # 536 at the Devore Animal Shelter in San Bernardino. Ruger was found on the streets of Devore and  impounded at the very overcrowded shelter. He waited and waited for his owner to come and find him and when nobody showed up he was listed to be euthanized because he was coming down with a cold. BARK-9 contacted the shelter right away and begged for them to keep him one more day until we could get out there. The shelter agreed and told us to get there first thing in the morning or it would be too late otherwise. We were there first thing as promised. RUGER came bounding out with a huge sigh of relief and jumped right into our car! He is a perfect boy. He walked on the leash PERFECT and knew all of his basic commands. RUGER now lives with his new amazing family and has a boy of his own. He goes camping and hiking - his family agrees he is PERFECT!  Happy life to you sweet boy!